Let's head south of the border with this exciting new flavor. This is the mildest of our spicy jerky line, but will still make your tastebuds tingle. A little citrus kick from fresh lime juice mixed with a hint of jalapeno will make you want to say ole!

Jalapeno Lime Beef Jerky

  • This is a 3.6 oz. package of jalapeno lime beef jerky. Hand cut, marinated, dehydrated, and packaged.  We use a zip top bag that is heat sealed to protect freshness.  If by chance it makes it past the first opening, you can reseal the bag to ensure freshness the next time you need some amazing jerky.

  • Beef, chipotle pepper, sugar, lime juice powder, dehydrated garlic, rice concentrate (anti-caking agent), dehydrated onion, cayenne pepper, natural hickory flavor, citric acid, black pepper, spice extractives, oil of lime, jalapenos, curing salt (salt, sugar, sodium nitrate <2% caramel color, brown sugar.)