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Special Events


Looking for a unique customized gift for your next reunion, corporate event, wedding, or other special occasions? Look no further, you've found it!

We offer a wide variety of jerky, spices, gift sets, and more. All customizable with your event info, names, dates, etc. We can even match your event theme or colors on the label!

Just call us at 518-531-4551 or email us at

We will gladly provide you options and pricing for your event

Game Processing

Jerky: $20.00/lb

Snack Stix: $8.00/lb

Hot Dogs: $6.00/lb

Sausage (Italian, Breakfast & more): $4.00/lb

Summer Sausage: $4.50/lb

Corned or Pastrami'd: $4.00/lb

Pickled: $5.00/lb

We can turn your game into fabulous jerky, snack sticks, summer sausage, hot dogs, sausage, & more.  We offer natural & collagen casings for our hot dogs. Ingredients are fresh without adding MSG or fillers. We can add a huge variety of ingredients for customizing your order: Cheese, ( 5 flavors), habanero peppers, jalapenos, chipotles. Fresh onion or garlic. Dried fruit; blueberries/apple, Maple sugar or syrup, brown sugar, or anything you like. The possibilities are endless! The product is vacuum-sealed, labeled, and is ONLY your venison! Price is determined by the finished weight of the product you choose. For example:  If you bring us 10 lbs, of venison; this should yield about 2.5-3 lbs. of jerky.  

Want to make your own?  We also have prepared packages of seasonings for snack sticks, sausage, summer sausage, cure, casings & more. These are pre-measured for 5 & 10 lb. batches of your choice.  


We do NOT cut up or clean your meat. If meat is not properly cleaned, there will be a $2.00 per pound charge added for prepping your meat for processing. You must call ahead to confirm availability and turn around time.  December and August are very limited months for processing.  


We strive to give you the best-finished product possible. So, please remember garbage in = garbage out. If you bring us poor quality scrap meat, your finished product will reflect that.

Custom Work

Let us help you celebrate your special day or event.  Weddings, Family Reunions,  or and other event.  We can customize a label with your logo or names, special date and place that on any of our products.  Jerky, Seasonings, Dips.   You name it, we can take care of your needs.  Look at some of the work we have done.

This label was created for a customer that wanted this photo on bags of Jerky for an event.  The customer sent us the picture and we took it from there.

This label was created for a Wedding Gift Basket that went on our Pancake Mix!  These were put in baskets along with local maple syrup and other items.  

This label I created for our Family Reunion.  I update it annually and place it on a Jar of our Seasoning for all the family to help themselves.  It is always a favorite and many look forward to getting their jar of seasoning.  It's fun, useable, and not something to throw out later!  What do you do with all the little wedding favors?  Try something cool like a seasoning.  

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