You've Been Warned!  This is our newest and Hottest flavor of beef jerky.  We marinate tender strips of beef in a liquid marinade of ghost, reaper, & scorpion peppers. And just to make sure it is hot and flavorful enough, we add some habanero flakes and chipotle flakes right before dehydrating.  Even though it is hot, it still has great flavor.  Have some milk on hand if you can't handle the heat! We give this one 4 out of 4 flaming peppers on our spiciness scale!

Devil's Breath Beef Jerky

  • 3.6 oz. bag

    Devil's Breath Beef Jerky

    Contains:  soy, gluten, VERY VERY hot peppers

  • Beef, Worcestershire sauce [distilled white vinegar, water, molasses, high fructose corn syrup, salt, soy sauce (water, salt, hydrolyzed soy protein, corn syrup, caramel coloring) natural flavoring, caramel coloring, anchovies, polysorbate 80, soy, flour, garlic extract], hot sauce (reaper, scorpion,& ghost peppers, red wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, onion, garlic, water, sugar, lime juice, chile extract & xanthan gum), liquid smoke, cure (salt, sugar, sodium nitrite (0.85%) brown sugar, caramel color)
    Contains: soy, wheat, anchovies, & VERY HOT PEPPERS